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Customer Feedback

Customer Service Feedback

 Your feedback is important to us.  The Town of Kipling is committed to quality service and is continuously striving to develop new ways to improve service delivery to you.
Help us measure and enhance our service by taking a moment to complete this online questionnaire.

1) Which department or facility are you commenting on?

2) What was the purpose of your visit?

3) How satisfied are you with these aspects of the service you received ?

Very Dissatisfied                          Very Satisfied

1         2         3         4         5

Overall quality of service 12345

Timelines 12345

Ease of access to service 12345

Staff Courtesy 12345

Quality of information received 12345

Treated fairly 12345

4) Did you get what you needed from us?

5) Can you suggest a method of enhancing our service delivery to you?

6) If you would like someone to contact you about your comments, please provide the following:

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