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Owning Dogs and Cats in Kipling

Attention Pet Owners!

Over the past few months many complaints have been received from residents, regarding the number of dogs and cats that are allowed to run at large by their owners.

Council reminds you to review the regulations outlined in our Dog & Cat Bylaw 11- 2014 See highlights below,  and act responsibly to ensure that your pets are not bothering your neighbours.

Ø No household shall keep more than three dogs or cats or a combination up to three.

Ø All dogs and cats are required to have a lifetime license. Licenses are $20 if your pet is spayed or neutered.

Ø No dogs/cats shall be allowed to run at large.

Ø Keep your dog on a leash.

Ø Please keep your animals from making excessive noise and clean up after your pet.

Just a reminder also that it is unlawful to keep live poultry, livestock and/ or bees within the boundaries of the Town of Kipling.

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