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Town of Kipling Bylaws

Bylaw 18-2016 Parking of RV’s on the Street       Amendment to Zoning Bylaw 9-2013

Business Bylaw 4-2020

Base Tax and Mill Rate Bylaw 2-2020

Building Bylaw 11-2016

Bylaw to Regulate Smoking 4-2018

Dogs,Cats and Livestock 11-2014

Dangerous Dogs Bylaw 7-2008

Historical 2-2005

Golf Carts 8-2005

All Terrain Vehicles 8-2016

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 13-2005

Traffic Bylaw 5-2015

Swimming Pool 6-2008

Noise 9-2010

Bylaw Violation 10-2010

Discharge of Firearms and Explosives 12-2010

Kipling Swimming Pool Bylaw No 3-1993

Zoning Bylaw 9-2013

Outdoor Fire Regulations Bylaw 16-2016

Council Code of Ethics Bylaw 20-2016

Additional Mayor Duties Bylaw 21-2016

To Amend the Zoning Bylaw for RV’s 2-2017

A Bylaw to Establish Procedures of the Council of the Council of the Town of Kipling 4-2019

While every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this bylaw list and amendments are posted to these pages, in the case of a discrepancy, the bylaw register shall prevail over this list.


Why do we have Bylaw’s?

The creation of Bylaws has been in existence for many centuries. Previously neighbours would solve their disagreements in unacceptable ways. The creation of bylaws and bylaw enforcement was established to allow neighbours to live in harmony with each other.

Bylaws have been created to ensure safety and compliance with rules in Kipling. These rules provide us with a safe environment and help make Kipling an aesthetically appealing town to live in.

The Bylaw Enforcement Officer provides inspections and regulatory work related to the enforcement of specific bylaws. The Bylaw Enforcement officer investigates complaints with impartiality, gathers evidence according to established rules and prepares and presents that evidence to council and/or court when called upon to do so.

The Town of Kipling has hired the Commissionaires of South East Saskatchewan to enforce bylaws of the Town. The Commissionaires are easily identifiable as they wear uniforms and drive decaled vehicles. The Commissionaires have full authority to enforce the bylaws of the Town of Kipling.

As bylaws are intended to keep our town safe, clean and healthy, the Bylaw Enforcement Officer’s mandate is to promote, facilitate and enforce general compliance with the provisions of bylaws that pertain to the safety, health, and welfare of our community.

Bylaw infractions or concerns must be reported to the Town office by phone, email or letter. In order to address concerns please provide specifics such as date, time, address, etc. to enable an investigation to take place.


Ø  Can I operate an ATV in Town?

Yes, but not on parks, the ball diamonds and other public lands AND only to leave Town and return to where you store the vehicle – Bylaw 8-2016.

Ø  Can I operate a Golf Cart in Town?

Yes with a valid driver’s license EXCEPT downtown and on the highway. Carts must be driven during the day and up to a half hour after sunset Bylaw 8-2005.

Ø  Can I use a pellet gun in Town limits?

No – Bylaw 12-2010.

Ø  When is quiet time in Kipling?

11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. except for snow removal, sanding or street sweeping equipment – Bylaw 9-2010.

Ø  How close to an Intersection or fire hydrant can I park my vehicle?

You cannot park a vehicle within five (5) metres of any street intersection or fire hydrant – Bylaw 5-2015.

Ø  Do my dogs and cats need a new license every year?

No – the Town of Kipling requires you to licence your dogs and or cats (up to a total of 3 dogs and cats allowed) just the once, for a lifetime licence costing $20.00 for neutered animals. Bylaw 11-2014.

Ø  Why license my cat if they never leave the house? Why license my dog if they never leave the yard?

Even with the most vigilant pet owner, animals still have a tendency to escape the house or yard. If this happens to your tagged cat or dog, and they are picked up by another resident or the Bylaw Officer and reported to the office, you will be notified immediately. When your cat or dog is wearing their tag there is no mistaking them for a stray and the possibility of them then going to the Town pound for 72 hours and then if not claimed being sold, or after 96 hours being put down. Bylaw 11-2014.

Ø  Do I have to pick up after my dog?

All pet owners are responsible to carry a bag or device that will pick up faeces when they are not on their own property. Pet owners have to be aware that private and public property is not an appropriate place to leave their cat or dog’s messes and must dispose of the bag or device appropriately – Bylaw  11-2014.





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