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Public Works and Utilities

Water Main Flushing

The Public Works Department commences its semi-annual program of flushing water mains within Kipling in May and September of every year.

The flushing of the water mains is an important maintenance item that helps to clean the mains out. Water mains are sized for fire flow which means that the speed of flow under normal use by customers is generally very low. As a result, it is common for sediment to accumulate in the water mains and then to be stirred up by heavier than normal water flow such as opening a fire hydrant.

Residents may experience loss of water pressure or a brief period of no water when crews are flushing in your area. The water pressure or water will return when crews are done.

When the water pressure returns, you may experience the water supply showing sediment and /or discoloration – if this happens to you simply run a cold water tap for several minutes until the water clears up.

The sediment and/or discolouration is harmless, however, it can cause discolouration to laundry if not detected, therefore, residents are encouraged not to wash clothes or use bleach during these hours.

 Sidewalk Snow Removal Policy GG-009

  • Residents, Businesses and Institutions are encouraged to clean the sidewalks on the frontage and flankage of their private property in order that residents can utilize the sidewalks during winter months.
  • In areas where sidewalk cleaning is essential to accommodate high pedestrian traffic areas, the Town may, clean the sidewalks that are established as priorities in this policy.
  • The priority sidewalks to be cleaned after snow storms are shown on the attached Sidewalk Snow Removal Priority Streets Map.
  • Sidewalk cleaning priorities will come second to opening traffic routes.
  • The Town may provide sanding/salt to institutions or business parking lots at the rate determined in the Town Rate Schedule.
  • Businesses are expected to keep the sidewalk in front of their businesses free of ice using environmentally friendly salt.
  • The balance of the sidewalks in the Town may be cleaned by the Town, time permitting in the manner that the Town Foreman directs.  

*Please do not run extension cords across the Town sidewalks – it creates a hazard for pedestrians and public works employees.   The Town will not be responsible for any damages if this is done.


Streets Snow Removal Policy TS-1

Generally, snow removal from streets will commence with Main Street, Railway Street and the streets leading to emergency service buildings. 

Once these streets are cleared, the remaining side streets will be cleared. 

It is the Town’s intention to have the streets, alleys and municipal facilities cleared within 24 to 36 hours after a major snowfall.


During a storm, the following will be kept passable if possible:

  • Main Street
  • Main Entrances to Town 
  • 6th Avenue 
  • 7th Avenue
  • Streets around School (bus lanes)
  • Respond to any emergency situation
  • Fire Hall (Veterans Drive)
  • 9th Avenue from highway 48 to 8th Avenue
  • Veterans Drive

As soon as possible, after a storm, the following will be cleared in the following order:

  • Those emergency routes listed above 
  • Airstrip
  • Rest of Town
  • Alleys
  • Properties on Highway needing garbage pickup (clear out by their sidewalk)  


The following sidewalks will be cleared:

  • Main Street Core – see priority map under Policy GG-009
  • 7th Avenue (from Rudyard Manor to 1st Street)
  • 1st Street to the Friendship Center
  • School – 6th Avenue both sides including in front of the Paperclip

Parking Lots

  • Community Centre
  • Rink Parking Lot
  • Professional Building Parking Lot


  • Will be opened upon request from a funeral director; a parking lot will be cleared upon request or if snowfall amounts allow. All other times the lane into the cemetery is to be kept open as needed.


  • Contractors must have permission to place snow on Town Property. If you are given permission to pile snow on town property, contractors must haul the piles away before the spring melt at their expense. 
  • Snow shall not be removed and placed in water ditches or normal water runs.
  • Vehicles left over the legal parking limit on any street impeding snow removal may be removed as per Town policy.
  • Snow removed from private property by contractors or residents is not to be placed on boulevards or so that it is impeding the line of site at intersections or an adjacent driveway.
  • The pay loader may go around once snow removal is complete and remove ridges from driveways.

Street Sweeping

  • Street Sweeping prevents unwanted materials from entering storm drains, removes weeds and debris, helps preserve our roads extending their lifecycle as well as provides a cleaner environment with less dust for our residents.
  • Generally, Public Works completes street sweeping three times per year.