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Permits and Forms

The majority of these forms are fillable. Once completed you may email them to, Mail to Box 299, Kipling, SK S0G 2S0, Fax to (306)736 8448 or bring into the Town Office at 301, 6th Avenue, Kipling.

If you have Microsoft 10 and use Microsoft Edge rather than Internet Explorer you will need to download or save the forms to your computer to use them as a fillable form.

Community Centre:

Kipling Community Centre Facility Rental Agreement (Booking Form) 

Kipling Community Centre Rental Guidelines

Kipling Community Centre Schedule of Rental Rates


Water & Sewer Application:

Water/Sewer Connections (Property owners only) 

Voluntary Water Shut Off and Restoration Waiver



Application for Home Based Business $60.00 per year (All other Business License's $100.00 per year)

Application for Lifetime Dog/Cat Licence $20.00 for Neutered/Spayed pet & $40.00 for Non- Spayed/Non-Neutered pet 

Your pets are welcome in the Town of Kipling! You are required to license them. A lifetime license for your pet costs $20.00. A maximum of 3 pets is allowed. Please be considerate of your neighbour's and keep barking to a minimum.

Application for Business Licence (Not required for Town of Kipling Commercial Property Owner’s)

A business license is required in the Town of Kipling if you are conducting business within the Town limits and not a commercial/industrial property owner. Please contact the Town Office for a license.

Basic License –  $100 per year                                            Home Based Business – $60.00 per year

Building Permits:

Development Application  

The First Step before you commence any development within Kipling is fill out  a Development Application. This gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want to do and us to advise you of our regulations. An application is available for you to print off from the Permits & Licences button on the Home page, or they are available at the Town Office.

Development Application Fees:  Residential – $50

Commercial (under $500,000) – $200        

Commercial Projects (over $ 500,000)  – $500

The next step is securing a building permit for your project. (see below) Professional Building Inspections out of White City provides the Town of Kipling with building plan reviews and inspections. Forms are available at the links below or at the Town Office.  Please allow 6 weeks for the approval of your permit.  Construction may not begin until your permit is in place.

For all Residential Permits go to: 

For all Commercial Building Permits go to:

Building permits are required for:

New building construction, garages and carports, sheds over 100 sq. ft.,  decks, swimming pools and hot tubs, mobile homes, renovation, alternation and additions, demolition of an existing building, basement development, fireplaces, wood stoves and heaters, change of use of the building, and temporary buildings. A building permit requires an application which is sent to the Building Inspector. The Town then issues the permit. 

 Building permits may not be required for:

Fences (no permit required for the Building Inspector , however the Town of Kipling requires a permit to be completed for zoning requirements. There is no charge for the Fence Permit.  Driveways and parking lots; painting; laying carpet; general maintenance; replacement using the same materials not affecting structural issues; accessory buildings not greater than 100 sq. ft. (limit of one per property).

Fence Permit

Demolition & Building Moving Permit Application

Residential $50.00

Commercial $100.00 (plus refundable certified cheque or cash for $1500.00 refunded once the site is properly cleaned up. 

Discretionary Use Application Form Residential $50.00; Commercial $100.00

Minor Variance Application Form $50.00

Minor Variance Information Sheet

Rezoning Application Form Residential ( single parcel) $350.00; Commercial (single parcel) $400.00

Rezoning Information Sheet


Annual Volunteer Recognition Programme Nomination Form

Community Incentive Grant Application

Commemorative Sign Application

Digital Sign Advertisement $10.00 per week

Downtown Patio Event Permit

Hanging Basket Sponsorship Application $100.00

Kipling Housing Authority Application Form 

Memorial Bench Programme Application

Municipal Parade Permit $25.00

Municipal Property Tax Grant Policy

Municipal Property Tax Grant Application

Permit For Operation of Lug Vehicle

Sask Lotteries Community Grant Funds Application Form

Signage Permit Application $25.00

Special Occasion Permit Approval Application

Street Naming Application

Temporary Road Closure Permit Application $25.00

Town Map for Temporary Road Closure Permit Application


Leisure Services:

Active After School Programming FitKids Waiver Form 

Photo Release Form